Have your own Physician on staff and improve your customer satisfaction by partnering with Helix Virtual Medicine. 

30 Years in the healthcare industry has told us that the old model of healthcare can be frustrating and confusing. Our end-to-end solution means that you can see a Provider, order a test kit, and start a treatment plan all from your phone, while using insurance – all in the same day.

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Our Partner Network includes award-winning physicians, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, durable medical equipment suppliers, wellness companies, testing kit suppliers, insurance providers, sleep centers, employers, and more. To become a partner today, click here.

“Helix Virtual Medicine has really helped my pharmacy’s customers – from same-day prescription refills to seeing a doctor over the phone, my customers can do it all right from my store or their car.”

Helix Virtual Medicine believes in true partnership and can help you build out your capabilities to compete in todayʼs marketplace. 

Partners are allowed to feature the telehealth capabilities in their marketing materials. We provide you with a co-branded website page and we handle all of the back-end logistics. 

For you, this opens up a world of FDA-certified lab testing, diagnostic services, and physician-guided care. Your consumers can feel confident that we follow all HIPAA requirements and hold customer satisfaction as one of our highest priorities.

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