visit multiple physitians

Get Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment in less than 90 minutes!

visit multiple physitians

You pay $0 today and have the option of using your insurance or self-paying.

When using insurance, the cost to you could be as low as $0, but will never be higher than a maximum of $75. 

Self pay pricing for this visit type is $85.

This does not include the cost of medication, which will be determined by your pharmacy and/or insurance provider.

Are you experiencing UTI symptoms and seeking a solution?

With HelixVM, you can easily get a prescription for a UTI without visiting a doctor, helping you manage your health discreetly and conveniently.
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Possible factors related to UTI

Frequent urination
Pain or burning while urinating
Cloudy urine
Feeling unwell
Strong smelling urine

Why HelixVM?

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  •  Skip the germy waiting room.
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